RENT A CYCLE Ryokan Shimizu


Sightseeing with BICYCLE

It's gonna be fun if you go to some tourist spots with bycycle which gives you heaps of discovery that you can not be taken by bus or train.
Kyoto has been set out neatly in a grid, it is very easy to understand when you are used to even though you may be lost at first.
We will tell you about some places we recommend if you want.

Charge 735yen per 24hours

Non-reserved Guest
Regarding guests who do not stay our inn, we are going to keep 5,000yen as deposit when you proceed.
And then we are going pay you back the deposit when you return the bicycle.

We can not take reservation in advance.
All reservations are that first come first served.
If you would like to take bicycle, please come to our inn for booking, and we are not accepted to book by the phone or E-mail.
However only on that day, we are going to keep the bicycle for you, if you call to us.

Please ask anything to us without reserve, if you have any other questions.
Ryokan Shimizu
TEL 075-371-5538